Workshop at the University of Design Schwäbisch Gmünd

Our capitalist society, with its focus on idealization and appearance, recreates the concept of
‘Perfection’. Judging the perpetual re-interpretation of perfection has always been met with strong
resistance. The criticism of perfection is performed by the search for the imperfect and/or its de-

Thus the aim of the workshop is to find criticism in ideology and beauty in change.
What are we dealing with? Zeitgeist? Taste?  Loss? Superiority? Insecurity? Believe?

After researching and critically questioning the ideology of perfection, the students created
concepts of distortion, destruction, rearrangement and evolution.

With Mehmet Köhserli
Budapest, Istanbul

Laborwoche 2020
HfG Gmünd

Mehmet Köhserli